Thursday, 31 May 2012

The tiny painter in me!

I was surfing through the albums in my lappy today and came across some paintings that I had made sometime back..
I have this huge tendency to get obsessed with things or even ideas :D 

At that point of time I was going through this painting obsession phase! I remember skipping lunch and forgetting all about it. I would paint paint and just paint. 
Mind you, I wont call myself an artist simply because I am nowhere near that word! I just love to play with colours. I mostly like to make abstract designs. I used to make portraits as well but that was long time back in school. I couldn't click those as we lost them while shifting our house :( 

I again feel like painting these days but now I have a pet(Max) at home and i am so sure he would not let me :/
Maybe sometime later :) fingers crossed!!

Oh btw Max is sleeping rightnow and snoring away to glory :P cute eh ;)

Posting some of  my paintings :) Do leave your feedback -bad or good-anything :)

But no laughing plz  :P

Love & good wishes



  1. Oh wow..all of these are beautiful..wats the medium ?
    Are they water colour on paper?

    1. thank you so much :)Your comment means a lot :)
      yes these are water colours on paper :)

  2. no matter what u say...u r an artist...these are so lovely :)

    1. thanks a lot for dropping by :))

      I am quite overwhelmed!! artist is like a HUGE HUGE word! Thanks a ton!

  3. wow they are great..
    so colourful n awesome..:)
    xo sabiha


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