Thursday, 31 May 2012

The tiny painter in me!

I was surfing through the albums in my lappy today and came across some paintings that I had made sometime back..
I have this huge tendency to get obsessed with things or even ideas :D 

At that point of time I was going through this painting obsession phase! I remember skipping lunch and forgetting all about it. I would paint paint and just paint. 
Mind you, I wont call myself an artist simply because I am nowhere near that word! I just love to play with colours. I mostly like to make abstract designs. I used to make portraits as well but that was long time back in school. I couldn't click those as we lost them while shifting our house :( 

I again feel like painting these days but now I have a pet(Max) at home and i am so sure he would not let me :/
Maybe sometime later :) fingers crossed!!

Oh btw Max is sleeping rightnow and snoring away to glory :P cute eh ;)

Posting some of  my paintings :) Do leave your feedback -bad or good-anything :)

But no laughing plz  :P

Love & good wishes


Thursday, 24 May 2012


I already have a huge collection of Elle 18 products but when I saw a review on Elle 18 color pop - Rose blush on a fellow blogger Bidisha's blog I just knew i HAD to buy it. Extremely pretty it was. Will post the review+swatches of it soon. Anyways coming back to the point :) While placing the order I noticed that Elle 18 had introduced few more shades and I had no clue about it :O Bad marketing I say :/ So I ordered Hot pink as well :)

Here are some pictures :) Lovely isn't it <3 I have swiped it once in both the pictures. I quite like the pigmentation. I mean what more can you ask for in 100 bucks! Pretty decent I must say.

I find them quite creamy and light on the lips.

The packaging is so cute. I am in love with these. I also love that white balm in the middle :D Yay!

That's me wearing & loving it :))

I feel the lasting power is decent and in my case it leaves a stain after eating. I don't really mind applying it again and again as it also moisturises my lips alongside :)

Let me know if the review was helpful or not! 
P.S. This was my first ever review :)

Love & Good wishes :)


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Orangieeee LOTD

Tangerine, orange, coral- This is all that is on my mind and wardrobe these days  I needn't explain why ;) 

This seems to be the colour of the season and an object of lust amongst the entire fashion circuit.

So like every other day after dressing up I looked up at the mirror and found THE topic for this post :D
Sorry for the weird pic. I am really not good at clicking my own pics :(

This is what I am wearing today:

Nail paint(local brand)
Lipstick( Colorbar velvet matt- Obsessed orange )

A bunch of RED nail paints

Hey everyone :) 

Today i was searching for a bright shade of red nail paint in my cupboard but couldn't decide which one to apply. And then I realised(finally) that I have quite a number of red nail paints in my kitty even after throwing away 40% of them. Thought of sharing with you all :) Let me know if any shade interests you and I would be more than glad to do a NOTD for you angels :)

As you all must have guessed now-RED is my fav colour (along with pink and black).

I don't think that you can ever go wrong with Red :)

Love and best wishes <3


Monday, 21 May 2012

My Baby - MAX

Posting few pictures of my 5 and half month old white lab :) We got him when he was just about 23 days old...He is super cute and extremely naughty. I almost feel like a mom now ;) Good practice for sure ! He has changed me a LOT. I used to be super lazy but now i feel super active(well almost) and fit :) Love him to bits. Have a look :)



Hey everyone :) So finally I made my very own blog. Had been thinking about it since 1-2 years but the lazy me kept planning ;) Hope I'll be very regular here. 

Do wish me luck please! Need support from all :)

Love and good wishes <3
Keep smiling :)